Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

oaaah, so many mommys O.o

So I was just clicking randomly through some blogs, hoping to find something interesting. Its now quite some time since I had a blogg and so I was surprised to stumble over so many parent/partner blogs O.O. It was kind of unusal to me, a lot of blogs seem to report over the progress and everyday-life of young families. Its not a bad thing, I was just surprised, that almost every second blog had a family-picture in their header.
Perhaps it seems strange to me too, because I think I wouldnt write so much about my children if I had any, or even post pictures. Im more blogging about ...well other (not important -.-") things.
Did you have the same experience? Or was it just coincidence, that I saw so many young-family-blogs? Are you a friend of posting pictures of your children along with your stories, or is this for you (like for me) way to private?

1 Kommentar:

  1. Mir sind solche Blogs zwar aufgefallen, aber näher habe ich mich mit denen noch nicht befasst.
    Ich weiß nur, dass ich es immer etwas grenzwertig finde, wenn Menschen Fotos ihrer Kinder ins Internet stellen.