Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Its Winter in Germany

I love the weather of the last weeks. Sure it is cold, and the circle of snow falling and melting makes the streets muddy, but that is how the winter is supposed to be. A winter without snow isnt a real winter for me. I love being inside, with a warm blanket, reading, while the flakes are falling. Or going outside while its snowing, esspecialy in the evening. Everything is so silent and peacful and all the christmas lights of the buildings give such a wonderfull atmosphere.
Most people are complaining. Its tooo cold, tooo wet, and driving is so much more difficult, blah blah blah... -.- The same whiny people that want it sooo bad to be summer, an in summer, they are complaining because its way too hot ~.~
my tipp for these grinches: getting into a snowballfight !!


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